This is a tumblr set up for the sole purpose to share people's various sightings of the infamous Doctor.

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Anonymous said: I was reading through your blog, and two things: if our universe is being pushed along by the darkness, then with a really hard push it can enter and… well, you know. Another thing: that picture of the weeping angel that was on the tv? I scrolled back to it and the face was closer to me…


Anonymous said: No I feel like I've seen the 12th Doctor somewhere in real life or in a different show, but the weird thing is...I goggled the new actor playing the 12th Doctor and I haven't seen or even heard of any of the things he's been a part of. Except World War Z but I didn't care for it so I never payed attention. I fell like I know him but the memories are just out of reach

Actually, I had the same feeling but with the 10th doctor, so who knows :T

Anonymous said: Does the 12th Doctor look familiar to anyone? He does to me. It feels like I've seen him somewhere before...

Probably from the episode The Fires of Pompeii

Anonymous said: It's so nice to see other posts and to think 'I'm not the only one who actually believes there could me someone out there' thank you everyone x
amy-pond-and-stupid-face said: One time, I was walking out side of the book store and I saw this couple, that were walking back in to their car. They looked exactly like Rose and Mickey, and sounded exactly like them!
Anonymous said: I found a crack in my writing desk at home that looks exactly like the one in Doctor Who, what do I do?
Anonymous said: It's creepy... After I saw the tardis wifi post, I went on about my business... At ten thirty, I got it, just once... Then it was gone!
Anonymous said: i keep seeing crack every where i go what do i do
Anonymous said: OK, this is gonna be a long-shot. But just a little while ago this evening (10PM EST at the moment) I saw a wi-fi network on my laptop called "Tardis" that kept appearing and disappearing, quite close to the rate at which the TARDIS materializes. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe The Doctor is trying to contact people?
Anonymous said: When I was 13, I had this vivid dream.. it had felt so real... and then I watched Doctor Who about a month ago. The monsters from that dream were the Silence! And the man who had guided me through everything looked exactly like the 11th doctor! (I remember it because of my avid journaling! I also drew pictures!) *shudders* For a long time I thought it was a nightmare.. but when they appeared on season six, the fear returned. I literally screamed when I saw them! I don't think that's normal. -.-