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This is a tumblr set up for the sole purpose to share people's various sightings of the infamous Doctor.

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sometimes at certain moments I feel like its happened before like in a dream and no matter what i can't change what's happening like how the doctor said some points are fixed in time. Idk if that makes sense but it happens keeps happening more often. I also believe in the doctor


It sounds to me like it could just be Deja-vu. Though it is a common occurrence for most people, it could just be your mind playing tricks on you.

I can vaguely remember a dream I had a long time ago (before I knew about doctor who) and I was stepping on a large rock and the tardis was there and the doctor (10th) popped out and said "Be back soon." And closed the door and left. Sometimes when I'm doing things the dream just randomly replays in my mind and it keeps getting more vivid.

hmmm, perhaps it’s a memory?

i had the weirdest dream last night and while i don't remember much i do remember one of the doctors i don't even remember which one gave me a TARDIS key which looked exactly like my house key a black key with hearts and rind stones stones on the handle on a blue ribbon they were exactly alike and i am so creeped out right now idk what to do-tess


I was sitting outside and I heard something... I didn't know what it was but then it hit me... THE TARDIS! I heard it just before I heard a car go by, and I could vaguely hear it all the way though the sound of the car. Then I realized I hear it a lot! AND then my BFF called me and said she heard the TARDIS near her window and that there was a square on her yawn!!!!! :O


OK, so in my house, there's a room that we never use only for putting away clothes and such. But recently, about... 3 or so weeks ago, the door to the room suddenly started opening and slamming by itself. Me being the not that scared person I am, just thought it was something trying to stay hidden, and I didn't mind. But, just a little earlier, I had to check something in the room, and I noticed two coats that I'm sure my parents didn't buy before or recently. They look exactly like 10's and 9's


I dont think that the doctor looks like the people like Matt Smith or David Tennant. I think he's a looks like someone we've never seen.


I believe that could be the case too! I mean A lot of people believe the show was meant as a cover to keep us from finding out he’s real. So of course the doctor probably wouldn’t look like the actors who play him.


Hey guys! Ask is now closed!

I let a lot of the asks back up here, so I’m going to do my best to sort through them and post them accordingly (since some of them are very long and are even as big as two or three asks) in the meantime please be patient! Thank you for putting up with me :)


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I kid you not, I just found this in another blog that is kinda like this one. " for my english, do not know if you know my tongue. so in my old catholic school we make these littel angel from clay in an art program so me and my friend Ilieani had made littel tera cota figurine and we place tem in baking area where it locked over night. next day the angels where gone and the proffesors had not moved the littel ones. we still do not know what happened" I just found it a bit unsettling. -Geisha


Me again! Ever since I started watching doctor who I keep thinking he is real! Everyone I know thinks I am crazy! I want him to send me a sign or something! Do you any way of contacting him in any way shape or form?

We, unfortanately, have no way of contacting him. We just keep records and accounts of those who have spotted him. Perhaps if we make a big enough sign we can attract his attention?

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Okay so I was watching a doctor who marathon and then all of a sudden I started hearing the tarsus noise and I light was blinking in the sky!

The tardis? 

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